Disability, Empowering and bringing them to the main stream

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) assisted in EPS Disability Project (2nd Phase) has started since July 2012 in three union councils (Hazara, Koz Abakhel & Ber Abakhel) after the successful completion of the Disability Project in union councils (Kanju, Koza Bandai & Tootano Bandai).  Different interventions are designed in this project to help person with disabilities to become an active member of society. It will include provision of assistive devices for the persons with disability, empowering and bringing them to the main stream. All tires of the organizations formed under the project will have representation of people with disability and be involved in the collective initiatives taking for the uplift of the area and its inhabitants. The project started in July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014. Approximate value of the project was Rs. 62,100,000/-


  1. Awareness raising sessions.
  2. Teachers Trainings.
  3. Attend ship Trainings.
  4. Independent living trainings.
  5. Skills trainings.
  6. Enterprise development trainings.
  7. Business incubation.
  8. Sports days.
  9. Medical camps.
  10. Provision of Assistive devices.
July 2012